Large Site Update – Over 40 New Resources

Hi friends!

I just completed a long overdue update of resource documents. I added just over 40 new resources ranging from surveys to healthcare to reports – and more.

I value your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions, please submit comments.

Please see the below list for all the documents that have been added. The site has a search box to find them quickly.

April 2018 Updates

  • Illinois Birth Certificate Name and Gender Marker Correction Instructions
  • The Legal Needs of Transgender Women Living with HIV
  • Going Public: Is Public Advocacy Right for You and Your Family
  • Public Support for Transgender Rights: A Twenty-Three Country Survey
  • Torah Service Liturgy for Honorees of All Genders
  • Attitudes toward Transgender Rights: Perceived Knowledge and Secondary Interpersonal Contact
  • Doing Gender
  • Gender Terminology: A Discussion Guide
  • Genderbread Person v3.3
  • Safer People, Safer Spaces Training (Gender Inclusive Language Guide)
  • Gender Nonconforming Youth: Discipline Disparities, School Push-out and the School-to-Prison Pipeline.
  • Gendered Restrooms and Minority Stress: The Public Regulation of Gender and Its Impact on Transgender People’s Lives
  • How Many Adults Identify as Transgender in the US
  • 2018 US LGBTQ Paid Leave Survey
  • Interview with a Transsexual Within the Orthodox Jewish Community
  • Gender Inside and Outside the Camp (Torah commentary)
  • Unjust: LGBTQ Youth Incarcerated in the Juvenile Justice System
  • More than a Media Moment: The Influence of Televised Storylines on Viewers’ Attitudes toward Transgender People and Policies
  • Name Change Checklist for Illinois
  • People Who are Transgender: Mental Health Concerns
  • Race and Ethnicity of Adults Who Identify as Transgender in the US
  • School Discipline Disparities Recommendations
  • Sex and Gender are Different: Sexual Identity and Gender Identity are Different
  • Guide to Gender Marker Changes in Illinois for Service Providers
  • Age of Individuals Who Identify as Transgender in the US
  • Transforming Attitudes About Transgender Employee Rights
  • Transgender Young People’s Narratives of Intimacy and Sexual Health: Implications for Sexuality Education
  • Transgender Jews and Halakhah (2017)
  • Transition Ritual Poems by Joy Ladin
  • Workplace Gender Identity and Transition Guidelines – Executive Summary
  • Workplace Gender Identity and Transition Guidelines – Full Report
  • Gender Confirmation Surgery: An Update for the Primary Care Provider
  • Gender Variance Among Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Retrospective Chart Review
  • Preservation of Fertility Potential for Gender and Sex Diverse Individuals
  • Focusing on Transgender Healthcare
  • Choosing a Surgeon: An Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing Selection of a Gender Affirmation Surgeon
  • Determinants of and Barriers to Hormonal and Surgical Treatment Receipt Among Transgender People
  • Transgender and Gender Nonconforming in Emergency Departments: A Qualitative Report of Patient Experiences
  • 2015 Transgender Survey – Report on the Experiences of Black Respondents
  • 2015 Transgender Survey – Illinois Report
  • Voter IC Laws and Their Added Costs for Transgender Voters
  • Gender Diversity in Jewish Sacred Texts and Our Communities


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