Age of Individuals Who Identify as Transgender in the US

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Few data sources exist that can be used to describe the demographic characteristics of transgender people in
the United States. Most U.S. demographic data come from national, population-based surveys, like the Decennial
Census and the American Community Survey. National surveys, such as these, have rarely included questions
to identify transgender respondents, leaving large gaps in our knowledge about the size and demographic
composition of the transgender population. Yet, an increasing number of states and localities do collect data
about transgender people. In this report, we utilize data from state-level, population-based surveys to estimate
the proportion of the population that identifies as transgender by age group, starting at age 13. We provide a
new estimate of the percentage of youth (13 to 17) that identifies as transgender (Figure 1). We also provide a new
estimate of the overall age distribution of the transgender population, ages 13 and above. This report is part of a
series of Williams Institute reports in which we provide estimates about the size and demographic characteristics of
those who identify as transgender in the United States.

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