Executive Summary: Child Welfare League of America: Serving LGBT Youth In Out-Of-Home Care

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The CWLA Best Practice Guidelines for Serving LGBT Youth in Out-of-Home
Care is the first policy and practice guide to establish best practice
recommendations for working effectively with lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (LGBT) youth in child welfare and juvenile settings. Written by
experts in the field, this publication includes step-by-step guidelines for
providing appropriate care for LGBT adolescents, based on professional
standards, the law, and current social science research.
With few exceptions, policies and professional standards governing services
to youth in out-of-home care have failed to consider young people’s sexual
orientation or gender identity. The lack of leadership and professional
guidance related to these key developmental issues left a vacuum that was
often filled by harmful and discriminatory practices based on personal biases
and misinformation rather than informed, evidence-based policies and
guidelines. In 2002, Legal Services for Children and the National Center for
Lesbian Rights launched the Model Standards Project with the goal of
addressing this void through the development and dissemination of model
professional standards governing services to LGBT youth in out-of-home care.
The practice guidelines you will find in this book are based on
recommendations from the Model Standards Project.

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