Impacts of Strong Parental Support for Trans Youth

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The aim of this report is to provide preliminary data on the
health impacts of parental support for trans (transgender or
transsexual) youth aged 16 to 24 in Ontario.
Little is known about the ways in which acceptance or
rejection by one’s family is predictive of health or wellbeing
outcomes among trans youth. However, exposure to
homophobia is now generally regarded as having significant
implications for the health and well-being of lesbian, gay
and bisexual youth. Numerous studies over the last two
decades reveal negative health, mental health, and quality
of life outcomes, including high rates of depression and
anxiety, low self-esteem, problematic alcohol and drug use,
and suicide. Recent studies have demonstrated a strong
effect of parental acceptance during adolescence in
protecting against these outcomes for lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender (LGBT) young adults.1,2

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