On the Team: Equal Opputrunity for Transgender Student Athletes

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The purpose of this report is to provide guidance to high school and collegiate athletic programs
about how to ensure transgender student athletes fair, respectful, and legal access to school sports
teams. In October 2009 the National Center for Lesbian Rights and It Takes A Team!, an Initiative of
the Women’s Sports Foundation, co-sponsored a national think tank entitled “Equal Opportunities
for Transgender student athletes.” Think Tank participants included leaders from the National
Collegiate Athletic Association and the National High School Federation, transgender student
athletes, and an impressive array of experts on transgender issues from a range of disciplines—law,
medicine, advocacy, and athletics. The think tank goals were to develop model policies and identify
best practices for high school and collegiate athletic programs to ensure the full inclusion of
transgender student athletes.
This think tank report includes best practice and policy recommendations for high school and
collegiate athletic programs about providing transgender student athletes with equal opportunities
to participate in school-based sports programs. In addition to specific policy recommendations
for both high school and college athletics, the report provides guidance for implementing these
policies to ensure the safety, privacy, and dignity of transgender student athletes as well as their
teammates. Specific best practice recommendations are provided for athletic administrators,
coaches, student athletes, parents, and the media.

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