People Who are Transgender: Mental Health Concerns

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Government policy makers are becoming increasingly interested in the views and
experiences of people who utilize mental health services to inform rights-based and
socially inclusive health and social care initiatives. However, very little information
exists in the available literature about transgender people in this regard. The current
research was part of a larger mixed methods study that used surveys and in-depth
semi-structured interviews. This paper reports on the findings from the interview data
that relate to the unique mental health experiences of the people whom identified as
transgender (n = 4). The data were subject to thematic analysis, and the main themes
that emerged included service experiences, treatment issues, other supports, and hopes
and aspirations. Participants identified challenges and opportunities for enhancing
mental health service provision for transgender people and their families. Some of the
highlighted concerns related to practitioner attributes and relevant psychosocial supports.
Mental health nurses are well placed to use their knowledge and therapeutic
skills to support people who identify as transgender and significant people in their

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