THInCing About Hormones? Hormone FAQ’s – Howard Brown Health, Chicago

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Why take Hormones?
Some people take hormones when they feel that their body does not match the way they experience their gender.
A medical provider can then give them hormones that their body doesn’t make and/or they get medicine that blocks
the hormones that their body does make. Taking hormones changes your body (sometimes permanently) and can
affect your emotions, thinking and behavior. People who want to feminize their bodies may take estrogen and/or
spironolactone (which blocks testosterone). People who want to masculinize their bodies may receive testosterone.
What is THInC?
THInC is an abbreviation for Transgender Hormone Informed Consent. This is Howard Brown Health Center’s name
for the process that helps us provide you with comprehensive information about hormones and ensures that you
have informed consent.

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