What are Transgender Men’s HIV Prevention Needs?

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The transgender community is diverse and not enough
research has been conducted with trans people in general.
We have very limited information about transmen in particular.
To date, research related to HIV among trans people has
almost exclusively focused on transwomen (people who were
assigned ‘male’ at birth and have a female gender identity
and/or feminine gender expression). However, there is
evidence that there is a significant subgroup of transmen that
engage in unprotected sex with non-trans men (trans MSM),
including some transmen who engage in sex work.
Several cities have conducted needs assessments that
focus on or are inclusive of transmen and HIV risk, such
as Philadelphia, Washington D.C, San Francisco, and the
province of Ontario. The few published studies that report
HIV rates among samples of transmen have reported 0 – 3%
prevalence.2-4 These rates are self-reported, however, and
are based on small, non-representative samples, so we do
not have conclusive data about the actual rates. Due to the
assumption of low rates of HIV among transmen relative to
other high-risk groups, there has not been much research on
risk behaviors among transmen.

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