What are Transgender Women’s HIV Prevention Needs?

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Unfortunately, yes. HIV is certainly not the only concern of
transgender women, who face many physical, mental, social and
economic disparities besides HIV. The stigma and discrimination
experienced by many people merely for being transgender heightens
risk behavior for transgender women. It is greater for transgender
women of color, who experience stigma and discrimination due to
ethnicity as well.
A recent review of 29 studies of transgender women in the US,
found they have been greatly impacted by the HIV epidemic. In four
of the studies, 27.7% of transgender women tested HIV+, compared
to 11.8% who self-reported HIV+ in the remaining 25 studies. This
suggests that many transgender women may not be aware of their
HIV status. The highest HIV rates were among African American
transgender women (56.3%).2 In this review, a large percentage of
transgender women reported engaging in unprotected receptive anal
intercourse, multiple casual partners and sex work.2

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