Workplace Gender Identity and Transition Guidelines – Full Report

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The 21st Century workplace in Corporate America has seen a dramatic shift in recent years with respect to the diversity of its employees and of the candidates it seeks to recruit. The creation of an inclusive business atmosphere can influence how a younger generation of workers perceives a company and exemplifies what they value in a competitive market place. The term diversity itself has undergone a broadening of meaning. Once a “code word” for women and minorities in the workforce, or applied to personal aspects such as “race, religion, or creed,” we now know and expect diversity to include “gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.” Each and every day, more companies are recognizing the value of creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace that respects and celebrates the individuality of its employees and their contributions to the success of the enterprise.

Despite this very positive trend, many companies continue to struggle with taking that next step: adopting policy and procedures that support these dimensions of diversity. This is never more apparent than when a transgender or gender-diverse employee decides to live as their authentic self and begins a gender transition in the workplace or when a job applicant discloses they are transgender or gender-diverse.

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